Recently there has been an explosion of ministries, churches, and individuals battling pornography’s destructive and tragic effects. Porn is highly addictive and requires plenty of tools to break its strangling hold. However, these ministries and tools are more accessible to men than women. Women turn to pornography for different reasons than men but once addicted feel the same alienation and shame. Women desperately need a place of confession, accountability, and healing separate from men.

In Dirty Girls Come Clean, Crystal Renaud – whose own pornography addiction started at age 10 – provides steps to recovery uniquely tailored for the female addict. Beginning with surrender, moving to confession, embracing accountability, owning responsibility, to finally sharing with others, the reader will be taken on a journey that can guide her from a state of woundedness to one of healing.



5f04d0ca-ae60-48a1-bed2-16ffc99b7db1It is said it takes 90 days to form a new habit and in addiction recovery, Twelve-Step groups challenge newcomers to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. 90 Days to Wholeness seeks to serve a similar purpose. This 90-day devotional for women is designed to kick-start recovery from pornography and sexual addiction (and other strongholds). 90 Days to Wholeness is uplifting, rooted in scripture, and will challenge women to throw down and break free from the strongholds in their lives as it journeys them through the S.C.A.R.S. Recovery Process adapted from the book Dirty Girls Come Clean (see above). Whether you are seasoned in recovery or finding yourself at the very beginning of your journey: this devotional is for you.