For women struggling with an addiction of a sexual nature, they likely never told anyone about your struggles and it is about time that you did. Addiction LOVES isolation. Confession brings light and a sense of community. And it just so happens that a community is exactly what we have created for you at Mighty Networks. Mighty Networks is a community of networks designed to facilitate relationships for individuals with like-minded interests. DGM has joined this network to be a safe and secure place for women struggling with pornography and sexual addiction to come together for support. From topic-specific groups (even ones you can make yourself), prayer support, chat features, recovery courses, accountability and more—the possibilities are almost endless! It even works on the go from your smartphone with the Mighty Networks app.

Why is membership required? Confidentiality and the protection of our ladies from outside lurkers is of utmost importance to us. Membership helps to ensure only those who are serious about recovery gain access. This should give you peace of mind about your own participation. 

If you are already a member, you can LOG IN NOW.

If you don’t have an account, begin your road to recovery with a DGM Membership